The Defence Infrastructure Panel – Environment, Heritage and Estate Engineering (DIP-EHEE) Panel Agreement, Terms of Engagement and the different engagement processes, can be referenced on the How to engage page.

Scope of services

The panel offers 23 service categories, each with a defined scope of services. The scope of services represents the minimum and general requirements for the relevant services, and are intended to provide a basis for tailoring to the requirements of individual engagements.

Building surveying advisory scope of services (DOCX, 34.72 KB)

Bushfire preparedness planning scope of services (DOCX, 36.65 KB)

Climate risk and adaptation scope of services (DOCX, 34.14 KB)

Contamination management scope of services (DOCX, 40.92 KB)

Contamination remediation works scope of services (DOCX, 36.96 KB)

Energy scope of services (DOCX, 38.53 KB)

Environmental impact assessment and land management scope of services (DOCX, 37.96 KB)

Environmental management system scope of services (DOCX, 36.22 KB)

Fire engineering scope of services (DOCX, 33.74 KB)

Heritage management planning scope of services (DOCX, 38.09 KB)

Historic heritage scope of services (DOCX, 39.43 KB)

Hydraulic engineering scope of services (DOCX, 37.53 KB)

Indigenous heritage scope of services (DOCX, 39.34 KB)

Low voltage electrical engineering scope of services (DOCX, 34.47 KB)

Mechanical engineering scope of services (DOCX, 36.92 KB)

Natural heritage scope of services (DOCX, 38.73 KB)

Pollution prevention scope of services (DOCX, 36.34 KB)

Structural engineering scope of services (DOCX, 38.28 KB)

Sustainable buildings and estate scope of services (DOCX, 36.81 KB)

Unexploded ordnance management and advice scope of services (DOCX, 33.49 KB)

Unexploded ordnance remediation scope of services (DOCX, 36.31 KB)

Unexploded ordnance survey and safety services scope of services (DOCX, 32.97 KB)

Water scope of services (DOCX, 37.31 KB)

Other Commonwealth agencies may amend the scope of services to apply to their relevant policies, standards, practices, or other requirements where Defence requirements are referred.

Nothing in the scope of services will affect the consultant's obligations or liabilities under the Panel Agreement and the Terms of Engagement.

Consultant companies

Contact details for companies able to provide services under the panel are provided here. Companies cannot be engaged in a service category that they have not won panel membership for.

Building surveying advisory companies and contacts (PDF, 396.27 KB)

Bushfire preparedness planning companies and contacts (PDF, 78.84 KB)

Climate risk and adaptation companies and contacts (PDF, 410.84 KB)

Contamination management companies and contacts (PDF, 85.26 KB)

Contamination remediation works companies and contacts (PDF, 80.95 KB)

Energy companies and contacts (PDF, 79.24 KB)

Environmental impact assessment and land management companies and contacts (PDF, 413.86 KB)

Environmental management system companies and contact (PDF, 80.1 KB)

Fire engineering companies and contacts (PDF, 76.32 KB)

Heritage management planning companies and contacts (PDF, 78.37 KB)

Historic heritage companies and contacts (PDF, 81.54 KB)

Hydraulic engineering companies and contacts (PDF, 77.39 KB)

Indigenous heritage companies and contacts (PDF, 81.5 KB)

Low voltage electrical engineering companies and contacts (PDF, 411.12 KB)

Mechanical engineering companies and contacts (PDF, 79.04 KB)

Natural heritage companies and contacts (PDF, 408.68 KB)

Pollution prevention companies and contacts (PDF, 79.05 KB)

Structural engineering companies and contacts (PDF, 77.23 KB)

Sustainable buildings and estate companies and contacts (PDF, 406.41 KB)

Unexploded ordnance management and advice companies and contacts (PDF, 83.77 KB)

Unexploded ordnance remediation companies and contacts (PDF, 76.8 KB)

Unexploded ordnance survey and safety services companies and contacts (PDF, 83.48 KB)

Water companies and contacts (PDF, 76.4 KB)

Technical authorities

Contact details for technical authorities in each service category, who are able to provide guidance or answer questions, are provided here.

Technical authority per service category (PDF, 421.05 KB)