New world-leading rules for Australia's Defence vessels

8 November 2023

Australia’s maritime capability and readiness will be supported by new world-leading design rules, following the launch of the Australian Naval Classification (ANC) Framework at the Indo-Pacific Maritime Exposition in Sydney.

The ANC Framework updates and refines international and Australian standards and legislation into a single set of Defence design rules.

This will support innovation and provide a blueprint for the classification of Australia’s Defence vessels.

The rules will apply to all future Defence maritime capabilities purchased off the shelf or designed and constructed in Australia. Industry will continue to play a key role in assuring the seaworthiness of Defence vessels under the Framework.

Benefits of the Framework include reducing costs associated with maintenance of our vessels through greater clarity and certainty of design and through-life standards, reducing administration for all parties, and enabling greater innovation in design and construction of our vessels.

The ANC Framework will be applied to all new maritime capabilities not currently in design stage and existing vessels will transition over time to minimise disruption to the current fleet.

The Framework has been developed by the Australian Naval Classification Authority, which is authorised to determine the rules that apply for each Australian Defence vessel for its design and construction.

For more information, go to Australian Naval Classification Authority | Business & Industry | Defence.

Quotes attributable to Rear Admiral Rachel Durbin, Head Navy Engineering:

“The Australian Naval Classification Framework will ensure that Australia’s vessels are designed and constructed to the appropriate standards so we are ready to respond at any time, with the right capability to deliver our mission.

“Enhancing maritime capability and readiness is key to the ongoing transformation of Australian naval shipbuilding and sustainment, it must be supported by an equivalent uplift in our design and naval classification capabilities.”

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