Australian Naval Classification Authority

The Australian Naval Classification Authority (ANCA) develops and implements world leading rules for the design and classification of Australian Defence vessels.

ANCA is responsible for determining the classification rules that apply for each Australian Defence vessel for the design, construction, and through-life maintenance, to assure their seaworthiness.

The framework

A key output for ANCA is the development and implementation of the Australian Naval Classification (ANC) Framework, which brings together best practice international naval ship rules and Australian Defence rules to comply with Australian requirements.

The ANC Framework maximises the availability and responsiveness of the Australian Defence fleet by:

  • enabling innovation in the design and construction of our vessels through greater flexibility
  • reducing acquisition and sustainment costs and administration through greater certainty and clarity of design, construction, certification and maintenance standards for industry
  • providing more flexibility for operational commanders to make well informed risk decisions when using naval vessels
  • improving understanding of the relationship between civilian and naval classification, providing clarity and reducing technical disputes should they arise
  • strengthening alignment and cooperation between departments within Defence, Government, Industry and International partners.

The Australian Naval Classification Manual provides the policies and procedures to support the implementation of the ANC Framework.

Australian Naval Classification Framework factsheet (PDF, 1.83 MB)

Attaining and maintaining classification

All Australian Defence vessels will need to be classified under the ANC Framework.

New Defence vessels will go through the full process to attain classification. Existing vessels will achieve classification as part of a transition plan designed to minimise impact on Defence and Industry.

Attaining Naval Classification (PDF, 1.77 MB)

Navy Vessel Operator’s will then need to demonstrate that a naval vessel continues to comply with the ANC Framework and the Defence Seaworthiness Regulations in order to maintain its classification.

Maintaining Naval Classification (PDF, 2.17 MB)