Intelligence pathway

Graduates can bring their unique skills and experiences to make their mark in a world of opportunity at Defence. Intelligence pathway includes roles in planning, strategy and operations at one of Defence's 3 intelligence agencies.


The Intelligence pathway accepts applications from all degree disciplines. It's suited for graduates interested in:

  • analysis
  • critical thinking
  • cybersecurity
  • innovation
  • intelligence
  • international studies
  • national security
  • space
  • technology.


All successful candidates start the Graduate Program on a salary of $73,343 plus 15.4% superannuation (increasing to $76,277 upon the Fair Work Commission approval of the Defence Enterprise Collective Agreement – 2024).

Graduates advance to a higher salary after successfully completing the Program. The amount depends on which training pathway completed.

Defence is committed to enabling an enjoyable work-life balance through:

  • generous remuneration package
  • conditions of service
  • flexible work arrangements
  • leave benefits.


Locations vary depending on the Defence group selected.

  • Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO): 
    • Analyst Stream – Canberra
    • Corporate Stream – Canberra and Bendigo (Victoria)
    • Geospatial Stream – Bendigo (Victoria)
    • Technical Stream - Canberra.
  • Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) - Canberra.
  • Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) - Canberra.

Defence offers relocation assistance for successful interstate graduates.


12 months – 3 x 4-month rotations (ASD and DIO)

12 months – 1 x 8-month rotation and 1 x 4-month rotation (AGO)


Intelligence pathway applicants will start career in one of the following:

  • Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) - ASD works across intelligence, cyber security and offensive cyber operations to support the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force.
  • Defence Intelligence Group (DIG)
    • Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) - The lead agency for geospatial data, information and intelligence for Defence and the national intelligence community.
    • Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) - Transforms information from national and international sources into reliable insights to help defend Australia and protect its interests.
      Applicants for DIO need to be tracking towards a credit average at the time of application and must graduate with a minimum of a credit average to be eligible to start the program.