Defence Intelligence Group

The Defence Intelligence Group (DIG) brings together Defence’s intelligence functions to deliver priority-driven, fused intelligence analysis and products.

DIG delivers intelligence capabilities to support ADF operations, and sets intelligence policies and frameworks to meet the essential intelligence needs of Government and senior Defence decision-makers.

DIG operates according to intelligence controls, including complying with the obligations of the Intelligence Service Act 2001, the Intelligence Mandate and specific privacy rules as defined by the Minister of Defence.


Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO) is the lead agency for geospatial data, information and intelligence within Defence.

AGO provides strategic leadership for the Defence geospatial intelligence community through the delivery of the Defence GEOINT 2030 strategy. AGO also provides geospatial intelligence services and related to outputs to meet whole-of-government needs.

Defence Intelligence Organisation

Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) analyses information on global events from a range of sources.

DIO produces timely and accurate intelligence assessments to assist the awareness and decision making of the Minister of Defence and senior Defence officers.

Intelligence Capability Division

Intelligence Capability manages and coordinates intelligence enterprise capability and support functions for the enterprise. It delivers integrated enterprise intelligence capability, including the management and development of the intelligence workforce.

The group is driving investment in the delivery of training, intelligence discipline skilling, infrastructure and technology to meet the needs of a growing intelligence workforce.

Intelligence Policy and Priorities

Intelligence Policy and Priorities leads development of a whole of Defence approach to key intelligence policy issues, sets Defence intelligence strategy and engagement programs, and coordinates the setting of Defence intelligence priorities.