Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation

The Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), as part of the Defence Intelligence Group, is Defence's lead agency for geospatial data, information and intelligence (GEOINT) for Defence and the national intelligence community.

GEOINT is derived from the analysis of imagery and geospatial data in order to inform an understanding of features and events, with reference to space and time. Understanding what happens where and when underpins all strategic and operational decisions.


Applicants to the Intelligence pathway who select to work at AGO, need to nominate one of these role types in the application form. AGO graduates receive comprehensive and specialised training to assist and develop their skills. Roles are based across AGO’s Canberra, ACT and Bendigo, VIC offices.

  • Analyst - Undertake detailed and sophisticated geospatial data analysis. Use analytical, problem solving, research and communication skills to report on a country, region or a specific thematic international issue. Analyst graduates are located in Canberra.
  • Corporate - Deliver strategic and operational support to corporate and capability areas. Corporate graduates are based in Canberra and Bendigo.
  • Technical - Participate in large-scale, cutting-edge Defence projects, such as planning for the Australian Government’s first sovereign satellite capability. Technical graduates are based in Canberra.
  • Geospatial - Support the Australian Government and Australian Defence Force through the provision of geospatial data and information. Engage with industry and partners to produce and deliver geospatial data to support decision-making through the provision of authoritative geographic data, called foundation data. Use foundation data to support navigation, surveillance, weapons platforms, mission planning and war games. Geospatial graduates are based in Bendigo.