ASDEFCON (Support)

Effective 8 October 2021

Update (11 March 2022): The ASDEFCON (Support) template has been updated to implement the recommendations made by the Auditor-General Report No. 4 2021-22 Performance Audit - Defence's Contract Administration - Defence Industry Security Program The following live updates have also been made to ASDEFCON (Support) primarily in relation to the Enhanced AIC Contractual Framework provisions and to ensure consistency with ASDEFCON (Strategic Materiel) Version 5.1:

  • fixes to the Adjustment and Australian Contract Expenditure (ACE) clauses in Attachment B;
  • changes identifying applicable Sovereign Industry Capability Priorities in Attachment F;
  • changes to AIC Compliance Certificates;
  • changes to Approved Subcontractor Deeds;
  • updates to relevant Data Item Descriptions, completing the changes required to implement the Code for the Tendering and Performance of Building Work 2016

ASDEFCON (Support) is a Performance Based Contracting (PBC) template for the support of materiel systems including platform based mission systems, vehicle fleets, complex ICT systems, and complex subsystems fitted to one or multiple mission system types. Further guidance on when to use ASDEFCON (Support) has been included in the Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide.

The most recent version of ASDEFCON (Support) is version 5.0 incorporating:

Other new changes include minor typographical and grammatical changes, updated weblinks and references.

table of changes from version 4.0 to version 5.0 of ASDEFCON (Support) (PDF) is available.

Download files

The following files represent the complete template for downloading ASDEFCON (Support) version 5.0.

This version is current as of 11 March 2022..

Preliminary Pages (PDF)
Part 1 - Conditions of Tender (PDF)
Part 1 - Annexes to the Conditions of Tender (PDF)
Part 2 - Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF)
Part 2 - Attachments to the Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF)
Part 2 - Support Pricing Workbook (ZIP)
Part 3 - Draft Statement of Work (PDF)
Part 3 - Annexes to the Draft Statement of Work (PDF)
Part 3 - Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) (PDF)
Part 3 - Supplementary Data Item Descriptions (DIDs) (PDF)
Part 3 - Detailed Service Descriptions (DSDs) (PDF)
Contractor Standing Capability Module for ASDEFCON (Support) (PDF)

Alternatively, a zipped copy of ASDEFCON (Support) (ZIP) in Microsoft Word format is also available for downloading. When extracting from Winzip please ensure you select "all files" and "use folder names".

The Department of Defence accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of this document. For specific procurements, the Department reserves the right to make changes to the document (or select particular clause 'options') and is not bound to use the document for any particular procurement.


The following guidance has been produced to assist procurement staff in using ASDEFCON (Support) version 5.0:

The ASDEFCON (Support) version 1.1 handbook is no longer applicable to the ASDEFCON (Support) version 5.0 template. Should you still wish to view the handbook, you can find a copy here.

single PDF version of the ASDEFCON (Support) version 5.0 template is available to assist ASDEFCON (Support) training course attendees.