ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set

The ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set is designed to streamline and standardise formatting processes for the ASDEFCON suite of tendering and contracting templates.

If you have been using the 2015 version of the ASDEFCON Toolbar, the current version will be compatible with any documents created and maintained using the 2015 toolbar.

The style set produces ASDEFCON branded documents and the toolbar adopts an intuitive point-and-click approach to select the most commonly used styles from the style set. It is intended that the ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set will improve efficiency in preparing tenders and contracts, and make ASDEFCON templates more stable and less prone to formatting corruption.

Users who are maintaining legacy contracts to which the DMO Styles have been applied should continue to use the DMO Toolbar and DMO Styles.

Where required, the DMO Toolbar and Styles can be installed concurrently with the ASDEFCON Toolbar and Styles. If you require the DMO toolbar please contact ASDEFCON SOW Support

Download Files

The ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set are stored within two separate files. To set up the toolbar and style set, please follow the steps outlined at page 2 of the ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Setup and User Guide for Word 2016 available for download below.

Each file must be extracted to the desktop or another convenient location and the ASDEFCON Toolbar document template must be opened in Microsoft Word to allow the automatic install macro to run. This will automatically install the toolbar and styles set without any need to manually copy files to specific folders.

ASDEFCON Toolbar and Styles

Once the toolbar is installed, the ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set will appear in Microsoft Word, and users will be able to apply the ASDEFCON styles to Microsoft Word documents.

User Guides

The ASDEFCON Toolbar and Styles Setup and User Guide for Word 2016 has been developed to provide guidance on the setup, use and functionality of the ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set.

Additionally, separate guidance has been developed for the new ASDEFCON BatchTools set of macros for advanced users. These BatchTools allow for bulk searches and simultaneous changes to large groups of documents.

ASDEFCON Toolbar and Styles Setup and User Guide for Word 2016 (DOC)

ASDEFCON Toolbar and Styles BatchTools User Guide for Word 2016 (DOC)