ASDEFCON Suite of Tendering and Contracting Templates

The Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) suite of tendering and contracting templates provides a set of proforma documents for use by procurement officers when drafting solicitation documents and contracts for the acquisition of goods and services by Defence.

Most templates include: a covering letter to tenderers, conditions of tender with response volumes, a draft contract and where appropriate, a draft statement of work (SOW). Associated handbooks and related training are available for some templates.

Please note specific questions about completing tenders or specific tender requirements should be directed to the request for tender (RFT) contact officer identified in the conditions of tender.

ASDEFCON Objectives

The ASDEFCON suite of tendering and contracting templates seek to:

  • Engender professionalism of Defence staff by providing tools and guidance for the ongoing development of procurement skills.
  • Support the reprioritising of Defence contracting activities by facilitating RFT and contract development and management.
  • Standardise and benchmark Defence's business practices and procedures by providing tools that:
    • Support Commonwealth and Defence policies.
    • Reflect 'best practice'.
    • Provide a framework for obtaining value for money and ensuring accountability.
  • Improve relationships with industry through the engagement of industry in the development and enhancement of the tendering and contracting templates.
  • Lead contracting reform in Defence by taking into account the use of contracting options and strategies that reward performance.

Selection and Tailoring of ASDEFCON Template

Each ASDEFCON template is tailored to meet a different procurement need and profile, depending on the size, complexity and nature of the procurement activity. The Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide (the Guide) is available to assist with the selection of an appropriate contracting template and also outlines the process for tailoring the selected template. The Guide contains decision matrices and detailed descriptions of each template. The Guide also considers non-ASDEFCON contracting templates.



The ASDEFCON ClauseBank contains optional clauses that may be required infrequently in ASDFECON based contracts. The ASDEFCON templates will contain notes to drafters indicating when these clauses may be required. Currently the ClauseBank contains clauses for:

Defence Policies Referenced in ASDEFCON Templates

The ASDEFCON templates refer to a number of Defence policies and other referenced documents, with which tenderers are advised to familiarise themselves, and to which contractors are to comply. Defence periodically updates the below list and advises those concerned to rely on their own inquiries to confirm currency.

This list is effective as at 16 August 2023

Australian Contract Expenditure Measurement Rules

The Australian Contract Expenditure (ACE) Measurement Rules have been developed to standardise the way in which Australian Contract Expenditure and Imported Contract Expenditure (ICE) are measured across relevant Defence procurements. The rules form part of Defence’s Australian Industry Capability program and support Defence industry policies including the 2019 Defence Policy for Industry Participation.


If you have any suggested improvements or comments on the commercial aspects of the templates (e.g. conditions of tender or conditions of contract) please email:

If you have any suggested improvements or comments on the statements of work aspects of the templates please email: