Effective 17 April 2024

The new ASDEFCON (Complex Services) template provides a fit for purpose solution that can be used with minimal tailoring for non-materiel procurements where strategic or more complex services are required. The template includes ‘pattern clauses’, as used throughout ASDEFCON, that can be used for managing any services required; for example, garrison support, ICT support, professional services, and other services where there are no suitable panel arrangements or other ASDEFCON services templates.

The template also includes standardised options for the following:

  • helpdesk services, training support, support resources, quality management, and Health Safety and Environment services
  • services management activities including planning, reporting, conducting meetings and reviews
  • provision and management of GFM, GFS, GFF, term extensions, a Performance-Based Contracting (PBC) framework, and phasing in and out of complex services
  • a number of possible payment mechanisms for recurring services, task-priced services, milestones and Survey and Quote services
  • Defence Industry Participation clauses for non-materiel contracts valued between $4 million and $20 million (GST Inclusive).

Further guidance on when to use ASDEFCON (Complex Services) has been included in the Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide.

Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide (PDF, 1.34 MB)

Download files

The following files represent the complete ASDEFCON (Complex Services) Version 1.0 template for downloading.

This version is current as of 17 April 2024.

Preliminary Pages (PDF, 353.85 KB)

Part 1 - Conditions of Tender (PDF, 347.25 KB)

Part 1 - Annexes to the Conditions of Tender (PDF, 459.09 KB)

Part 2 - Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF, 950.2 KB)

Part 2 - Attachments to the Draft Conditions of Contract (PDF, 1010.9 KB)

Part 2 - Complex Services Pricing Workbook (XLSM, 1.22 MB)

Part 3 - Draft Statement of Work (PDF, 572.09 KB)

Part 3 - Annexes to the Draft Statement of Work (PDF, 369.92 KB)

Part 3 - Data Item Descriptions (PDF, 502.63 KB)

Part 3 - Supplementary Data Item Descriptions (PDF, 266.54 KB)

Alternatively a zipped copy of ASDEFCON (Complex Services) V1.0 in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel (for the Complex Services Pricing Workbook) format is also available for downloading. When extracting from Winzip, ensure "all files" and "use folder names" is selected.

ASDEFCON (Complex Services) V1.0 (ZIP, 3.47 MB)

The Complex Services Pricing Workbook Guide for ASDEFCON has been developed to support the Microsoft Excel® workbooks that collect tendered pricing data and form part of the price and payments schedule for a resultant contract.

ASDEFCON (Complex Services) Pricing Workbook Guide (PDF, 759.09 KB)