Royal Australian Air Force participates in Red Flag Alaska

25 August 2023

Aircraft and personnel from the Royal Australian Air Force have participated in Exercise Red Flag Alaska, a United States Pacific Air Forces-led large force employment exercise, designed to replicate a high-end combat environment.

Task Unit Commander, Group Captain Matthew McCormack, said the exercise further enhanced the Air Force’s air combat training through realistic scenarios conducted in the unfamiliar airspace of Alaska.

“Exercise Red Flag Alaska enhanced our interoperability and strengthened our practical cooperation with our ally, the United States,” Group Captain McCormack said.

“It allows to develop our intelligent and skilled workforce in a simulated combat environment, and hone our air combat capability to project air power for the joint and combined force.

“Our partnership with the United States Air Force is built on a foundation of trust, and we have once again enjoyed training together as part of Exercise Red Flag Alaska.”

The Royal Australian Air Force regularly participates in the Red Flag Alaska exercise series, which is a major contributor to Australia’s high standard of air battle management capability.

“The exercise was conducted in the Alaskan airspace which is very different to back home in Australia,” Group Captain McCormack said.

“It challenges our people to build on their skills through realistic training in a deployed environment to ensure they are ready to deliver air power for Australia.”

Aircrews operated in the 174,000 square-kilometre Joint Alaska Pacific Range Complex, which offers adequate space and ranges for crews to simulate full-scale aerial battles.

The exercise was conducted from 14 to 25 August 2023 and involved more than 200 Australian personnel.

Media note:

Media can access imagery and vision of Exercise Red Flag Alaska at the United States DVIDS website:

DVIDS - Red Flag-Alaska (  

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