Enhancement of 2nd Division

16 July 2022

Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Simon Stuart, AO, DSC today announced the establishment of 2nd Division as an independent functional command at a ceremonial parade held at the Anzac Memorial at Hyde Park, Sydney.

Lieutenant General Stuart said the enhancement of the 2nd Division was an important change for the Australian Army and the Australian Defence Force.

“The enhancement of 2nd Division helps prepare our Army, as part of the joint force, to better respond to our contemporary and potential future demands ” Lieutenant General Stuart said.

“The command will improve Army’s responsiveness, resilience and ability to rapidly scale to do what only an Army can do.

“The unity, a sense of purpose and focus by a single command will support our land forces to achieve the tasks that are asked of us by government.”

Commander 2nd Division, Major General David Thomae, said the move to an independent functional command recognised and reinforced 2nd Division's unique contribution to warfighting, national security and service to the community.

“2nd Division is conducting operations and training for contingencies every day, but is uniquely made up of predominantly a part-time workforce,” he said.

“These members often balance commitments to a civilian job while dedicating their time and skills to ensure Australia’s interests are supported at home and abroad.”

Persistent patrolling of our borders in the north and recent events, including COVID-19, floods and fires have highlighted 2nd Division’s role as an Army in the community.

2nd Division’s mission is to generate land capabilities for the joint force and to command assigned contingency response forces to meet directed domestic operational requirements.

The command also represents the delivery of another key milestone by Army in response to the 2020 Defence Strategic Update and anticipated investments in land force capability.

The 2nd Division, as an independent functional command, now reports directly to Chief of Army, whereas it was previously part of Forces Command.

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