Joint Studies Paper Series

The Joint Studies Paper Series consolidates a Defence-wide approach to academic research and development relating to the conduct of joint military activities, filling a central gap.

The series aims to broaden and deepen ideas about joint operations and focus the Australian Defence Force’s (ADF) vision, shaping best practice in policy development. This series is an opportunity to think outside the box and raise ideas that are controversial and provoke debate.

The research papers in this series examine the elements of Australian Defence jointness, officially defined as activities, operations and organisations in which elements of at least 2 Services participate, and which is reliant upon support from the Australian Public Service, industry and other government agencies.


The Joint Studies Paper Series welcomes submissions on a range of topics related to joint military activities.

Ideally, papers should be linked to the Australian experience of joint capabilities, operations and concepts or should contain information that will be of interest to the ADF. However, papers examining other joint topics may be considered depending on their focus and content, such as the following.

  • Joint force design and experimentation.
  • Joint capability development, management and integration.
  • Fundamental inputs to capability.
  • Joint professional military education and training.
  • Joint doctrine, theory and concepts (including future concepts).
  • Joint and organisational culture (including cultural change management).
  • Joint planning, design thinking and evaluation.

Papers submitted for consideration should be between 10,000 and 50,000 words, inclusive of notes.

Potential contributors are strongly encouraged to review the Joint Studies Paper Series submission guidelines and editorial policies and to email their proposal to the editor prior to the submission of the paper itself.

Joint Studies submission guidelines (PDF, 368.89 KB)

Joint Studies editorial policies (PDF, 216.5 KB)


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