Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies vol 5 number 1

Publication: Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

This issue scrutinises the changing strategic posture in Australia and the war that continues in Ukraine. 

In the first article, Bennett, Lockyer and Smith posit ‘time’ and ‘space’ are 2 key elements of defence strategy, and how analysing strategic risk in these arenas can provide a new framework for defence planning. Then, David Bolton examines whether India can leverage its economic growth to shape its strategic environment through military means.

While it is an unfinished war, Russia’s war against Ukraine already has much to teach, hence this issue has gathered together a collection of essays from 7 distinguished experts. This special focus, guest edited by Matthew Sussex, showcases some of Australia’s best thinking on Russia and strategic studies, as well as analysis from leading international specialists.

This is followed by the commentary section, in which Andrew Maher examines resistance strategy, a strategy often forgotten under the weight of great power competition. The theme of conceptualisation continues with Rachel Baker articulating what framing and definitional challenges arise in the face of determining Defence’s sovereign industrial capability.

This issue also has a fascinating interview between Professor Michael Evans and Alex Waterman and James Worrall on the subject of developing Australian counterinsurgency doctrine from 2008 to 2009.

Finally, Professor Evans acknowledges the passing of Senator Jim Molan, AO, DSC MAJGEN (Rtd) in January, a great loss to the Australian defence and security community and the profession of arms.


Article title Article author
A more dangerous neighbourhood: implications of Indo-Pacific arms modernisation for Australian defence strategy
India in 2050: will being the world’s third largest economy translate into military power to reshape India’s strategic environment?
A war that defies expectations
Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: the war of surprise
Absolutism, spiritualism, exceptionalism and convulsion: the core of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine against the West
What is Putin’s foreign policy strategy now?
Pathway to victory: the Ukrainian strategy of corrosion
Russian cyber and information warfare capabilities in the war on Ukraine: expectations, reality and lessons learned for the future
Russia–China relations and the Indo-Pacific
Russian influence in Australia at a time of undeclared war
Resistance strategy: lessons from the Russo-Ukraine conflict for Europe, Australia and the Indo-Pacific
Sovereign capability: made in Australia or product of Australia?
The Australian Command and Staff College writes doctrine: the case of LWD 3-0-1 Counterinsurgency, 2008–09
The war game: Australian war leadership from Gallipoli to Iraq – David Horner
Chasing shadows: the untold and deadly story of terrorism in Australia – Kirsty Campion
A matter of conscience: Operation RAUSIM KWIK – Jerry Singirock
Myths of war Mark Dapin
Morality and ethics at war: bridging the gaps between the soldier and the state – Deane-Peter Baker
In memorium: Major General Jim Molan