Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies

The Australian Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies (AJDSS) is the flagship academic journal of the Australian Defence Force.

Launched in 2019, the AJDSS supports strategic discussion of contemporary and future defence and security concerns relevant to Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. It is committed to publishing high-quality professional discourse and peer-reviewed scholarship, commentary, reviews and correspondence debates. It aims to be a leading source of contemporary defence and strategic thinking and practice, to encourage military and civilian personnel to achieve individual and collective professional excellence.

The AJDSS is published at least twice annually.


Submissions should consider future and contemporary concerns relevant to the defence and strategic outlook of Australia and the Indo-Pacific region. The following topics are of particular interest.

  • The nature and character of war.
  • The changing character of Australia’s defence and security environment.
  • Deterrence in contemporary statecraft and warfare.
  • Defence’s contribution to a whole-of-government approach to national security.
  • Defence capability and industry engagement.
  • Challenges to Defence’s workforce, education and culture.
  • Australia’s future defence strategy and operational concepts.
  • Emerging technologies including information security, artificial intelligence, unmanned systems and automation.
  • Defence and security debates relevant to engagement within the Pacific region.
  • Australia’s strategic approach to the use of space for defence.
  • Strategic lessons learnt from, and future implications of, the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Defence responses to information and political warfare.
  • Regional perspectives on geostrategic and geopolitical concerns.

Proposals to submit a series of themed papers for the Focus section, or a potential special issue, are also welcome.

For further information on submission requirements see the following resources.

AJDSS submission guidelines (PDF, 495.76 KB)

Writing a review (PDF, 160.25 KB)

Editorial review

Submissions are initially assessed by the editorial office, and then are submitted to a double-blind peer review process, detail of which can be found in the editorial policies below.

AJDSS editorial policies (PDF, 213.43 KB)

The AJDSS also has an Editorial Review Board, that provides strategic direction for the Journal, and academic integrity related to its editorial policies. The Board terms of reference and current members are below.

AJDSS Editorial Review Board terms of reference (PDF, 145.16 KB)

  • Rear Admiral James Lybrand (Chair)
  • Dr Ross Babbage
  • Professor Toni Erskine
  • Professor Michael Evans
  • Dr Jade Guan
  • Dr Ahmed Salah Hashim
  • Dr Michael Hatherell
  • Associate Professor David Martin Jones
  • Fiona Mackrell (Managing Editor)
  • Dr Cathy Moloney (Editor)
  • Dr Alexey D Muraviev
  • Dr Rory Paddock


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