Australian Defence Force Packaging Standard DEF(AUST)1000C

This standard is the definitive reference for materiel suppliers and describes the principles of packaging as they apply to Defence Materiel. It should be noted that this standard might not be applicable to the packaging of materiel already covered by detailed contractual packaging or production data. Examples are, but not limited to, ammunition, explosives, non-commercial foodstuffs, POL, vehicles, small craft, clothing, arms, armament, telecommunications equipment and systems. DEF(AUST)1000C is divided into 20 parts. The parts that are directly applicable to Defence suppliers and contractors are made available on this page.

Note: These documents are uncontrolled when printed.

The DEF(AUST) is under review. If unsure of the requirements for your consignment please contact the relevant CASG account manager as identified on the PO or contract.