ASDEFCON (Standing Offer for Goods and Maintenance Services)

Effective 1 October 2021

Update 18 December 2023

The ASDEFCON (Standing Offer for Goods and Maintenance Services) template has been updated, and incorporates the following changes:

  • Requirement to notify Country of Tax Residency
  • Change from ‘Black Economy Procurement Connected Policy’ to ‘Shadow Economy Procurement Connected Policy
  • Removal of fax numbers and notice by facsimile, and alignment of notices clause to clarify when notices are received
  • Updated Modern Slavery note to drafters – to refer to risk assessment
  • Clarification on use of Economic Benefit tender data requirement (to be used if no AIC response is required), updates to notes to drafters and notes to tenderers, and other minor AIC updates to align with language of the Enhanced AIC Framework
  • Minor updates to include tick boxes for the Payment Times Procurement Connected Policy and application of PEPPOL framework in the RFT Proforma.

Updated documents are available in the zip folder SOGM S-version2-0-Live-Update with track changes enabled.

Update (1 July 2022)

The ASDEFCON (Standing Offer for Goods and Maintenance Services) template has been updated, and incorporates the following changes:

Updates to the Supplier Pay On-Time or Pay Interest Policy (RMG 417), which requires Defence to make all payments to suppliers within the maximum payment terms regardless of contract value. The maximum payment terms are:

  • within five (5) calendar days where the application of the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (PEPPOL) framework is agreed to between Defence and the supplier; and
  • within 20 calendar days for all other invoicing, unless otherwise agreed.

If Defence does not meet agreed payment terms it may be liable to pay interest.

Update (11 March 2022)

The ASDEFCON (Standing Offer for Goods and Maintenance Services) template has been updated to implement the recommendations made by the Auditor-General Report No. 4 2021-22 Performance Audit - Defence's Contract Administration - Defence Industry Security Program.

ASDEFCON (Standing Offer for Goods and Maintenance Services) (SOGMS) should be used when establishing a standing offer where goods are to be acquired and/or maintenance services are to be provided. Further guidance on when to use ASDEFCON (SOGMS) has been included in the Contract Template Selection and Tailoring Guide.

Version 2.0 contains significant changes, including:

In addition, minor typographical and grammatical changes have been made, along with updated web links and references.

View a list of changes from Version 1.2 to Version 2.0 of ASDEFCON (SOGMS).

Download Files

The following files represent the complete ASDEFCON (SOGMS) version 2.0 template:

This version is current as of 18 December 2023.

Preliminary Pages (PDF)
Part 1 - Conditions of Tender and Annexes (PDF)
Part 2 Draft Conditions of Deed and Deed Attachments (PDF)

Alternatively, a zipped copy of ASDEFCON (SOGMS) version 2.0 (ZIP) in Microsoft Word format is also available for downloading. When extracting from Winzip please ensure you select "all files" and "use folder names". The ASDEFCON Toolbar and Style Set should be used to edit the template in Microsoft Word.

The Department of Defence accepts no responsibility or liability for the use of this document. For specific procurements, the Department reserves the right to make changes to the document (or select particular clause 'options') and is not bound to use the document for any particular procurement.


The ASDEFCON (SOGMS) Version 1.0 Handbook is no longer applicable to all sections of the ASDEFCON (SOGMS) Version 2.0 template.