Once an entity has met the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) membership eligibility and suitability requirements they are ready to apply

Getting started

Watch the introduction video to get started using the DISP Member Portal to apply for membership.

Support material

Applying for DISP membership factsheet (PDF, 1.33 MB)

Chief Security Officer and Security Officer roles and responsibilities factsheet (PDF, 929.94 KB)

How to create a DISP@ email address guide (PDF, 825.66 KB)

How to sign-in to the DISP Member Portal guide (PDF, 1.56 MB)

How to complete a DISP membership application guide (PDF, 2.43 MB)

with Digital Identity

To start an application the entity's nominated Security Officer (SO) will need a Digital Identity linked to a business using Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) in order to sign-in and access the DISP Member Portal.

Digital Identity and Authorisation Management

DISP is a relying partner with the Australian Government Digital Identity program.


For help registering or logging in, or for question about the portal or application process, email disp.info@defence.gov.au.