Office of Defence Industry Support

The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) provides a seamless experience for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage with Defence.

ODIS is the trusted link for Australian SMEs looking to enter or expand their footprint in the Defence industry.

The core function of ODIS, through its industry engagement teams around Australia, is to provide advisory, guidance and mentoring services to SMEs.

ODIS works closely with State and Territory agencies, industry associations and Defence business partners, to help deliver capability that equips and sustains the Australian Defence Force.

Key services

  • Specialist defence business advice, increasing the competitiveness of Defence SME partners so they have the capability to integrate into supply chains and grow to become competitive providers.
  • Direct linkages to Defence procurement programs through proactively identifying needs of Defence capability managers and delivery groups.
  • Identify current SMEs who can meet Defence needs in the short term and assist to build the capability of Defence industry.
  • Direct linkages to Defence end users to support innovative industry initiatives.
  • Assist SMEs to work with end users, Defence projects and industry programs to support greater innovative industry outcomes.
  • Tailor grants to assist the development of SMEs to meet Defence requirements in the short, medium and long terms.

Defence Strategic Review report

The National Defence: Defence Strategic Review 2023 sets the agenda for reform to Defence’s posture and structure. The Review provides direction on changes in Defence approach to capability priorities and processes.

ODIS Update editions

A monthly update on defence industry announcements, events and opportunities.

ODIS Update - May 2023 (PDF 623.31 KB) ODIS Update - April 2023 (PDF 618.43 KB) ODIS Update - March 2023 (PDF 641.04 KB) ODIS Update - February 2023 (PDF 442.78 KB) ODIS Update - January 2023 (PDF 483.88 KB)