Defence Industry Development Strategy

The Defence Strategic Review highlights the challenging strategic environment Australia faces, and outlines the vision for Defence to transition to an integrated and focused force. Defence industry is essential to delivering this vision. Defence industry supports our national security by delivering and sustaining the capabilities Defence relies on.

The Defence Industry Development Strategy establishes the framework and principles for Australia’s defence industry policy. These policy settings reflect the changing strategic circumstances and deliver the initiatives required to develop Australia’s sovereign defence industrial base required to meet our national security requirements. This includes:

  • Sovereign Defence Industrial Priorities supported by detailed information on areas of priority.
  • Reforms to procurement processes.
  • Growing and developing the workforce required to deliver defence industrial capability.
  • Uplifting the security posture of defence industry.
  • Our approach to innovation.
  • Changes to the way Defence engages with industry to better inform industry of Defence’s needs and Defence of industry’s capabilities.

Defence will work with industry to implement the Defence Industry Development Strategy, and deliver an innovative, resilient and competitive defence industrial base that creates a stronger, more secure Australia.

The Honourable Pat Conroy MP, Minister for Defence Industry, launched the Defence Industry Development Strategy on 29, February 2024, replacing the 2016 Defence Industry Policy Statement and the 2018 Defence Industrial Capability Plan.


Defence Industry Development Strategy (PDF, 15.8 MB) SDIP 1 – Maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade (MRO&U) of Australian Defence Force aircraft (PDF, 601.63 KB) SDIP 2 – Continuous naval shipbuilding and sustainment (PDF, 510.91 KB) SDIP 3 – Sustainment and enhancement of the combined-arms land system (PDF, 521.03 KB) SDIP 4 – Domestic manufacture of guided weapons, explosive ordnance and munitions (PDF, 449.05 KB) SDIP 5 – Development and integration of autonomous systems (PDF, 447.69 KB) SDIP 6 – Integration and enhancement of battlespace awareness and management systems (PDF, 455 KB) SDIP 7 – Test and evaluation, certification and systems assurance (PDF, 447.71 KB) Factsheet 1 - Creating a strong and resilient sovereign defence industrial base (PDF, 278.4 KB) Factsheet 2 - The need for prioritisation in our industrial base (PDF, 236.12 KB) Factsheet 3 - Supporting our defence industry sector (PDF, 235.37 KB) Factsheet 4 - Reforming the way Defence does business (PDF, 239.08 KB)