Her Majesty The Queen's Gold Medal

Her Majesty The Queen's Gold Medal is administered by Australian Defence Staff London. The medal is a non-monetary prize awarded by her Majesty the Queen to the outstanding officer trainee from selected officer training institutions within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to recognise their exemplary conduct, performance of duty and good influence on fellow officers.

The normal allocation is one medal each year for each Service arm.

Orders for the medals are required to reach Australian Defence Staff London by 1 March each year.  The name of the winner for the previous year is requested to be submitted to the Directorate of Honours and Awards no later than 15 February each year.

The winner is selected by the Commander Training - Navy from officers who have completed the Seaman Officer Phase 3 Application Course or other Application course during the calendar year.

The winner is selected by the Commandant Royal Military College (RMC) from RMC graduates on the basis of highest aggregate mark in all assessed subjects and terminal tests in the final 12 months of the course.

The winner is selected by the Deputy Chief of the Air Force from graduates in recognition of meritorious performance while undergoing training.