Current serving members can use the Defence Medals Online Application Form to apply for:

  • un-issued medals;
  • approval to wear foreign awards;
  • long service medals and clasps (especially important Reserve members);
  • the Australian Defence Medal.

When medals have been damaged, lost or stolen while in possession of the eligible recipient (the serving or ex-serving member) they may be replaced.

In certain circumstances people who are in possession of a deceased relatives’ medals (the ‘holder’), may also have those medals replaced if they are damaged, lost or stolen.

Apply online using the Defence Medals Application Form, select Replacement Medals as the Application Type.

Replacement Medals Fact Sheet (PDF 414.83 KB)

You can apply for a list of the previously issued awards of deceased relatives who served with Australian forces since World War One. This can be done through the Defence Medals Online Application Form.

When applying for a full assessment any un-issued medals of deceased veterans may be issued to living family members as a gesture of respect for the person who served, and the sacrifice of their family.

More information about this can be found on the granting of unissued awards of deceased members page on this website.