Australian Operational Service Medal - Civilian

The Australian Operational Service Medal - Civilian may be awarded to Defence civilians, and other classes of civilian who are employed on ADF operations under the provisions of the Defence Force Discipline Act 1982.

The medal is cupro-nickel finished in antique silver. The obverse bears an old-world stylised world globe signifying global operations, interlinked with a Federation Star. The globe is surrounded by the words ‘AUSTRALIAN OPERATIONAL SERVICE MEDAL’.

The reverse bears a central horizontal stylised scroll with the words ‘Defending Australia and its national interests’, overlaying a wreath of mimosa, above which sits an hour glass motif signifying the ongoing vigilance and timely response of Defence.

The ribbon is green with central stripes of gold and purple. The purple represents Defence and the green and gold are Australia's national colours.

The following clasps have been issued to date:

See Operational Service Badge (OSB).

Australian Operational Service Medal - Determination by the Chief of the Defence Force of 24 November 2015 (PDF, 38.65 KB)