Mothers’ and Widows’ Badge

The Mothers’ and Widows’ Badge was issued to the mother and/or widow of a member of the Royal Australian Navy, Australian Imperial Force (including the Australian Army Nursing Service), Royal Australian Air Force or Merchant Navy killed in action, or died of wounds or from other causes whilst on service or as a result of such service.

Additional stars were added in the case of the death of more than one child.

This badge is no longer issued.

The badge is round and silver-coloured. The obverse shows a raised image of a grieving woman and part of a laurel wreath with the words ‘FOR AUSTRALIA’ in raised letters.

The reverse has a hinged securing pin and raised lettering which reads ‘Issued by the ‘Commonwealth Government’. Suspended by two securing rings from the bottom of the badge is a flat rectangular bar where stars were added to represent children killed.

For more information, see Mothers' and Widows' Badge on the Australian War Memorial website.