Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-program


The Navy Capability Infrastructure Sub-program (NCIS) is upgrading and constructing facilities and infrastructure supporting the introduction of Supply Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ships, Hunter Class Frigates (HCF), and Arafura Class Offshore Patrol (ACOP) vessels.

Delivery of all the approved scope is expected in 2027.

Works will be delivered at the following locations, a map of which is provided below:

  • HMAS Stirling, Western Australia
  • Henderson, Western Australia
  • HMAS Coonawarra, Northern Territory
  • RAAF Base Darwin, Northern Territory
  • St Kilda Transmitting Station, South Australia
  • Osborne, South Australia
  • HMAS Cairns, Queensland
  • Randwick Barracks, New South Wales
  • HMAS Watson, New South Wales
  • Garden Island Defence Precinct (GIDP), New South Wales

Community information

Federal and State Members of Parliament, local office holders, and a range of community and industry representatives were consulted on the proposed works.

Project details

Works will be delivered as discrete packages, defined by location, and timed to align with when facilities are required to support the specific capability.

Several packages are progressing simultaneously, and it is anticipated that design, procurement and construction activities will continue concurrently across the NCIS.

Location Details of work packages Documents
HMAS Stirling, WA
  • Diamantina shared user facility - completed May 2022
  • Diamantina Pier engineering services upgrade - completed March 2022
  • Diamantina Pier 50Hz shore power - completed March 2022
  • Armament Wharf extension - completed June 2021
  • Maintenance hardstand - completed November 2020
  • Diamantina Pier F76 fuel services upgrade - completed May 2020

HMAS Stirling (PDF, 1.44 MB)

Henderson, WA
  • office accommodation
  • engineering services infrastructure

Henderson (PDF, 781.19 KB)

HMAS Coonawarra, NT
  • maritime structures
  • office accommodation
  • engineering services infrastructure

HMAS Coonawarra (PDF, 723.44 KB)

Declaration form - Environment Protection Act 2019 (PDF, 99.99 KB)

SER - Main Report and Appendices A, B and C (01) (PDF, 4.84 MB)

Supplementary Dredging Modelling Report- Appendix D (PDF, 4.45 MB)

Supplementary Environmental Report - Summary (PDF, 3.1 MB)

Draft Dredging and Disposal Management Plan - Appendix E (PDF, 4.58 MB)

RAAF Base Darwin, NT
  • structure to support ACOP Vessels.
Randwick Barracks, NSW
  • AOR ship training facility - completed November 2019

Randwick Barracks (PDF, 584.07 KB)

HMAS Cairns, QLD
  • maritime structures
  • office accommodation
  • engineering services infrastructure

HMAS Cairns (PDF, 797.48 KB)

Osborne, SA
  • office accommodation
  • engineering services infrastructure

Osborne (PDF, 683.81 KB)

St Kilda Transmitting Station, SA
  • office accommodation
  • engineering services infrastructure

St Kilda (PDF, 586.99 KB)

Future works

Facilities required to support the 3 HCF to be homeported at the GIDP are proposed to be constructed mid-2030. These proposed works will likely include refurbishing and constructing new facilities at HMAS Watson.

These works will be the subject of a future referral or medium works notification to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works.