High flying hours get results

23 May 2024

723 Squadron has increased its graduate output by 50 per cent, after substantially increasing flying hours over the past two-and-a-half years.

While a Navy squadron, 723 Squadron is a joint and integrated effort, currently featuring an Army commanding officer, Navy, Army and Air Force staff, and ably supported by Boeing Defence Australia, who provide assistance to ensure capability and training requirements are met.

Since the flying rate of effort was increased in 2021, 723 Squadron has delivered the highest flying output in the rotary community for 2023, with the trend continuing into 2024. 

This was made possible by the contributions of every unit member, including maintenance and support staff, in particular the instructors – a mix of Navy, Army and Boeing Defence Australia personnel, who work side by side to prepare the ADF’s next generation of helicopter aircrew. 

723 Squadron operates the EC-135T2+ helicopter, from HMAS Albatross, on the NSW south coast. The region offers a diverse range of flying environments, supporting world-class helicopter training for both Navy and Army aircrew. 

Commanding Officer 723 Squadron Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Schadel was proud of the squadron’s achievements and appreciated the work of the diverse workforce.

“The team here at 723 Squadron is committed to the training of aircrew for combat, and the quality, rate and effort at which they excel in their work is a credit to themselves and the Fleet Air Arm,” Lieutenant Colonel Schadel said. 

“The culture and values of 723 Squadron makes it a very rewarding place to work and this is seen day in and day out in the way in which the staff and students alike are committed to their courses and ensuring we train quality rotary wing aircrew, with a combat mindset, ready for their operational conversions in the Fleet Air Arm and Aviation Command.” 

Collaboration between the ADF and industry partners plays a pivotal role in ensuring the ADF is able to meet vital requirements. 

For more information on careers in both Navy and Army aviation visit ADF Careers – with options both in the cockpit, and as part of the essential technical workforce that keeps aircraft flying.


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