A full-circle moment

23 May 2024

Graduating from the Royal Australian Navy Recruit School at HMAS Cerberbus doubled as a proud family moment for Recruit Amanda Taylor.

It was the excitement of watching her son, Sub-Lieutenant Jaime Taylor, and daughter, Midshipman Courtney Taylor, that inspired Recruit Taylor to pivot her career from maritime transport to Navy. 

With the support of her family she took the leap and enlisted, joining recruit school in February. After 10 long weeks as part of the New Entry Sailor Course 422 – Rogers Division, Recruit Taylor graduated as Seaman Taylor. 

The graduation was celebrated with a flyover from 723 Squadron, where her son, Sub-Lieutenant Taylor, crewed the EC-135T2+ helicopter and watched from the skies as his mother marked the end of her recruit school journey. 

Sub-Lieutenant Taylor gained his initial Aviation Warfare Officer qualification last November, and acknowledged that his own progress has only been possible with the support of his mother, who continually encouraged him through the early days of his Navy career.

“I am just so proud of her and I am so happy to be involved in this huge milestone,” he said. 

“She supported me when I was starting my naval career and it feels great to do the same for her. It’s like a full-circle moment for me – she was there at the beginning for me and now I am doing the same for her. I can’t wait to see how far she goes.

“Although, I do have to say it sounds like she is missing Biscuit [the family dog] more than us, but we are all still so proud of her finishing recruit school.” 

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