A ready and resilient security force

2 April 2024

Before dawn each day, members from 23 Squadron’s Security Flight were put to the test during a four-week teamwork and resilience activity.

Held at RAAF Base Amberley, the activity placed security flight aviators into a simulated, semi-contested environment designed to assess their ability to operate in demanding scenarios and unfamiliar settings.

Throughout the training session, complexity of the scenarios increased, demanding strong teamwork and resilience.

Members were assessed on their ability to operate as an individual and as a team.

Security Flight Officer in Charge Flying Officer Scott Marshall emphasised benefits gained by such specialised training and highlighted the unique opportunities that come with service life.

“The team gained a new appreciation for the multifaceted demands of serving in the ADF,” Flying Officer Marshall said.

Participants successfully completed kitting inspections, stores and stretcher carries, and physical training, as well as tactical engagement with the section’s military working dogs.

The training tested the Security Flight’s ability to operate in adverse conditions, contributing to preparedness and overall capability output.

“The practical application of ADF service values, demonstrated during the training, underscored the significance of teamwork, camaraderie and adaptability in overcoming adversaries and accomplishing mission objectives,” Flying Officer Marshall said.

As the activity ended, members of the flight reinforced the teamwork needed for success and identified a new appreciation of the contributions made by each member.

“Every person within the Flight has something to offer, regardless of rank or ability. Without the employment of strong teamwork and resilience from each member, the successful desired end state would not have been achieved,” Flying Officer Marshall said.

The next training activity, scheduled for the coming months, will test Security Flight aviators planning protection for key Air Force assets.



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