Navy to share maritime skills with Army officers

27 March 2024

Six Army officers are undertaking the Accelerated Maritime Warfare Officer Course at HMAS Stirling in WA and HMAS Watson in NSW.

Reflecting the most significant increase to Army's littoral maritime capability since World War 2, the training will enable the officers to command and manage the future fleet of littoral manoeuvre vessels.

The trainees will develop seamanship knowledge, exploring the changing navigational environment and how tides affect the course and speed of a vessel, allowing them to maintain safe on-water operations to protect their vessels and crews, as well as other maritime vessels nearby.

Captain Gemma Chmielewski said the training offered a change to consider how the Army was preparing for a dynamic growth in capability.

"Developing relationships within a joint environment and celebrating the prospects of this evolving capability signify the complex environment the Army is likely to face in the near future," she said.

The officers will test their knowledge and further develop skills on board the training vessel Mercator on Sydney Harbour.



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