Proud to march on home soil

26 March 2024

Returning to his home state of Tasmania on board HMAS Hobart for a freedom-of-entry parade was special for Petty Officer Cory Dyson.

In his role as armoury manager, Petty Officer Dyson is the ship’s expert in parade and ceremonial, and he was essential for preparing ship’s company for their second freedom-of-entry through the streets of Hobart.

“My role for the weekend was essentially conducting the preparation and training; going through the sequence of events for both the ceremonial sunset and the freedom-of-entry, then mentoring and training the colour guard, the 24-man guard and the ceremony of sunset guard,” Petty Officer Dyson said.

A favourite part of his job is working with people, including managing and training the crew for events like this.

“Dealing with people on a day-to-day basis, creating rapport with people, managing people and the unique divisional system the Navy offers is what I really enjoy,” he said.  

His parents, brothers and family travelled down from Ulverstone, a small town in the north of Tasmania, to watch him parade in the streets.

“This was the first time my dad has kind of seen me doing anything Navy-related, so that's exciting,” he said.

“Being able to represent my country and Tasmania in the white of our Navy uniform makes me feel a sense of pride and wonder.”

A challenge of his work with Navy is being away from his partner and family, however, Petty Officer Dyson said the people on board the ship become a second family.

“I have been lucky to have served with some amazing people who, in a way, become your family away from home when deployed,” he said.

Reflecting on his journey, Petty Officer Dyson would advise his younger self to embrace every opportunity that comes his way, echoing the sentiment that dreams are within reach if pursued with determination.

But his advice for people considering a role in the Navy is, “There will be plenty of challenges along the way, but you will have the opportunity to experience things that many never get the chance to.” 



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