Shellharbour air show plane fun for all

4 March 2024

As an aviation enthusiast, Chief Petty Officer David Dillon was thrilled to attend Airshows Downunder Shellharbour at Shellharbour Airport in NSW from March 1-3.

Posted to 822X Squadron, Chief Petty Officer Dillon and his team let the public get up close and personal with the S-100 Camcopter.

822X Squadron operates the uncrewed aerial system, which has more than 30,000 hours of flight experience around the world, from land bases and many different classes of ship.

The vertical take-off and landing aircraft can assist with search and rescue, tactical maritime operations and perform overwatch capabilities.

Chief Petty Officer Dillon has been in the Navy for almost 24 years, spending his career in several squadrons and being deployed on multiple ships. He is now the flight senior sailor of Flight 201 at 822X Squadron, HMAS Albatross.

Growing up as a local in the area, Chief Petty Officer Dillon has many memories of Shellharbour Airport, and spent his time watching ADF aircraft fly over his backyard.

“In primary school, the Royal Australian Air Force Chinook aircraft stopped over at Shellharbour Airport and the pilots and crew gave me a guided tour of the cockpit. It is something you never forget as a young child,” he said.

Chief Petty Officer Dillon said he's been fortunate enough to remain close to his hometown in Norwa Hill for the majority of his career.

“Being able to represent Defence so close to my hometown and family is a real privilege," he said.

"Shellharbour really brings back memories of growing up so close to the airport.

“Coming to an event like Airshows Downunder Shellharbour is a real bonus for myself. Having love for aviation, seeing the F-35A Lighting II display was definitely my highlight.”



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