Focusing on a future of self-development

16 November 2023

Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Mark Hammond launched the Navy Coaching Academy at Indo-Pacific 2023 in front of a packed crowd at the International Conference Centre, Sydney.

The Navy Coaching Academy aligns with Next Generation Navy's (NGN) focus on social mastery, contributing to personal and professional capability through empowering individuals to undertake self-development.

Vice Admiral Hammond said the event was significant, with the Navy Coaching Academy one of the NGN future-focused programs. 

“The Coaching Academy has its origins in the Navy Leadership Coaching Program, which has been providing coaching services to Navy people since 2009. Coaching began in Navy in a very small way in 2003 and has continued to evolve in its 20-year history,” Vice Admiral Hammond said.

“The Navy Coaching Academy offers a range of opportunities aimed at optimising both individual and organisational capability through developing social mastery. It provides flexible, fit-for-purpose development through a contemporary approach.” 

The launch was conducted with a panel of leaders from the coaching community, including Captain Andrew Pepper, Director Navy Culture Captain Jim Hutton, Commander Ben Maguire, Commander Elise Burnside and Chief Petty Officer Zoe Mack.

Captain Pepper said: “The history of coaching in Navy has led us to this point where, given the efficacy of our program, and the deep experience within the cohort of Navy coaches, the time is right to develop our very own Navy Coaching Academy.” 

The Directorate of Navy Culture has operated the Navy Leadership Coaching Program since 2009. It has provided a one-on-one professional development opportunities for more than 3000 Navy people. 

The establishment of the Navy Coaching Academy will expand to include functional components of research, fellowship, diplomacy, an alumni network and a scalable curriculum.



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