Fishing for clear information in a sea of noise   

12 September 2023

Quantum sensors can produce unprecedented levels of data and increased fidelity.

But the massive amounts of noise and information they produce can be difficult to process and understand.

Enter Able Seaman Joe Toce and Signaller Andrew Lei – course mates from recently completed joint basic cyber training – who turned a complex equation into an algorithm that will hopefully make sense of quantum radar signals.

“Quantum sensors produce very noisy data. So we’re trying to find the useful information in that sea of noise,” Signaller Lei said.

It’s hoped the code can make sense of quantum sensor data to better estimate distance, velocity, size and direction of travel for an object.

But Able Seaman Toce said it’s not just about enhancing radar fidelity to pick up stealth aircraft, but possibly improving overall capability.

“Can we go over the horizon? Can we extend the range? Can we start picking up small objects that move really fast? – which is a classic problem in radar,” Able Seaman Toce said.

Signaller Lei has a degree in maths and a masters in quantitative finance. While Able Seaman Toce has a degree in science, a masters in data science and is studying a masters of public health via the Defence Assisted Study Scheme.

The pair were joint winners of last year’s Quantum Next Generation Challenge and their work was supported by Army to exhibit again this year.

From here, they hope to start testing their algorithm with live quantum sensors.

“I think we’ve got all we can from a simulation and it’s time to take the next step and use it on real targets,” Signaller Lei said.

The pair finished trade school 10 weeks ago, but are still supported by RICO (the Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office) to continue their quantum work.

“We need partners who can provide the full spectrum of technology to bring this into production. But this experience has provided us so much direction and motivation to keep going,” Able Seaman Toce said.

“Our goal is to show Defence whether we should invest in these new technologies, and if there’s a path in this line of thinking.”



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