Ship's mileage is out of this world

23 May 2023

It’s equivalent to a trip to the moon and back and 23 times around the circumference of the Earth.

Although, near impossible to imagine, HMAS Toowoomba has completed half a million sea miles since commissioned.

After being welcomed into the Navy on October 8, 2005, Toowoomba was immediately called into service, completing its first operational deployment in December that year.

Almost three years to the day of commission, Toowoomba achieved its first major sea mileage milestone, completing 100,000 nautical miles.

Toowoomba has undergone significant upgrades throughout its period of service in the Navy. In 2016, Toowoomba completed the anti-ship missile defence upgrade, which provided cutting-edge radars and missile defence systems.

More recently, Toowoomba completed the Anzac mid-life capability assurance program, which provided further upgrades through the ship’s engineering plant, warfighting capability and modernised communications suite.

Chief Petty Officer Electronics Technician Daniel Wright has served on Toowoomba throughout the past decade.

“It is amazing to think what this ship has achieved during its 17 years of service,” he said.

“It has been impressive to observe the capability enhancements over the years, which allow Toowoomba to remain a formidable capability for the Navy.”

The crew celebrated the milestone with the Commanding Officer Commander Darin MacDonald addressing the crew.

“I am immensely proud of the achievements of this ship and her crew, past and present,” Commander MacDonald said.

Toowoomba is only 17 years old, yet she has accomplished so much.

“I am privileged to contribute to Toowoomba’s distinguished legacy as her eleventh commanding officer and I am immensely proud to lead such a fine ship’s company, in such a capable ship.”

During Toowoomba’s half a million sea miles across 17 years of service, it has completed deployments to operations Relex, Catalyst, Slipper, Manitou and Resolute.

These are in addition to the numerous regional presence deployments, outreach programs and international exercises across the world.



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