Information for students

Health and fitness

Students are encouraged to apply for a Work Experience Placement regardless of their health and fitness.

However students must inform Defence of any health conditions or special needs that may affect their ability to participate in the placement. Some placements will require the student to complete a health and fitness questionnaire.

Work Experience Placement Agreement

The Work Experience Placement Agreement is the agreement between Defence, the student, the student's parent and the student's school.

It must be signed by all parties and it includes:

  • information about the student
  • details of the work experience placement
  • conditions of participation.

Joining instructions

Information and instructions will be provided to students with their signed Work Experience Placement Agreement, including the following:


Students will need to organise and pay for any costs associated with travel to and from the location of the work experience placement. These arrangements also apply to out of area participants. Schools may choose to provide or arrange transport for students.


Students are advised to wear practical comfortable clothing, with closed in footwear. Where it is required, Defence will provide protective clothing to students. Students are not to wear clothing that resembles an Australian Defence Force uniform.


Students should bring their own lunch and refreshments as Defence sites are often some distance from a shop. Students may be able to eat at a Defence cafeteria.


Some placements do offer overnight supervised accommodation. Students participating in a placement that does not involve an overnight component must organise and pay for their own accommodation. If students are under 18 they must have supervised accommodation and be accompanied by a adult outside of the work experience program.