Information for students

To participate in Defence Work Experience program, visit the Defence Work Experience Program Jobs List to view the current opportunities on offer.

An information pack is provided for each placement. It outlines the activities students may participate in, eligibility criteria and assessment questions to answer as part of the application process. 

Changes can be made to the application up until the closing date for placements. It is important to note that there are usually more applications than available places, so students should approach the application process as they would a job application. It is crucial to answer all questions and provide as much detail as possible.

To withdraw an application:

Health and fitness

Participants are required to share personal information that may affect their ability to participate in the placement. This includes specific dietary requirements or allergies, medical and fitness/injury information. This information will be reviewed and adjustments to the program made where required.


Students will need to organise and pay for any costs associated with travel to and from the location of the work experience placement. These arrangements also apply to out of area participants. Schools may choose to provide or arrange transport for students.


If successful in securing a place on a program, participants will receive a “My Placement” form. The form provides information about the placement including what to wear. Where it is required, Defence will provide protective clothing for participants. Students are not to wear clothing that resembles an Australian Defence Force uniform.


Meals are usually provided to students as part of the program. Students are required to supply personal information to be provided regarding dietary requirements and allergies. If this information is not provided, it may result in a student being removed from the program.

Where meals are not provided, students will be advised in the “My Placement” form provided before placement commencement.

Placement agreement

Participants are to complete a Work Experience Placement Agreement in order to participate in the program. Students are required to provide personal information including any dietary requirements or allergies and medical or fitness/injury information.

If successful in gaining a place on the program, the student will receive a letter of offer that contains information about the placement and the Work Experience Placement Agreement. Once complete, the agreement will be signed by the student, their parent/guardian, the Education Institution and the Work Experience Manager.