Law Degree

Defence undertakes projects of national significance, which are un-paralleled in their size, scope, cost, timescale, risk profile and level of technological complexity. We are seeking graduates who can contribute to these outcomes through excellent commercial judgement, creative problem solving, communication, and liaison and negotiation skills.

As a law Graduate there are multiple opportunities for you in Defence. Explore the different kinds of roles you can undertake in the Defence Graduate Program below. Within each Pathway you will rotate through several roles.

Remember, you can preference two Pathways in your application!

Commercial Division within Defence’s Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) is the home of our commercial experts. The Division is responsible for providing commercial expertise across the procurement lifecycle, to all Defence Groups, in order to maximise value for money, ensure achievement of legislative and policy requirements, and ultimately deliver optimal outcomes to the Australian Defence Force.

Commercial Division supports a range of complex and exciting projects, from the Joint Strike Fighter, Future Naval Frigates and Future Submarines Programs in CASG, through to delivery and maintenance of new Defence facilities in Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group, and provision of information technology solutions in Defence’s Chief Information Officer Group.

With a law background, a rotation through CASG will have opportunities to work on some of Australia’s most complex and challenging commercial activities. This will include:

  • Developing and implementing innovative commercial strategies for the acquisition or sustainment of major capital equipment and non-materiel procurements;
  • Liaising and engaging with Defence industry in support of procurement activities;
  • Preparing tender documentation for release to market;
  • Evaluation of tender submissions;
  • Negotiating contracts for simple and complex procurements;
  • Assessing the commercial allocation of liabilities and risks;
  • Support ongoing contract management activities; and
  • Helping to shape commercial procurement policy and contribute to Defence’s commercial framework.

You will have access to a detailed commercial professionalisation program, providing the commercial training, coaching and mentoring opportunities to support your career development.

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The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) is a vital member of Australia’s national intelligence community. Our motto, Reveal their secrets. Protect our own, summarises our roles: we collect foreign intelligence by interception; we provide advice and assistance on cyber security to make Australia the safest place to connect online; and we conduct offensive cyber operations in support of the Australian Government and Australian Defence Forces (ADF). We are looking for graduates from almost every discipline to work in analyst or corporate roles.

To achieve its mission, ASD requires people with strong integrity and a mix of specialist skills, adaptability, imagination, resilience and creativity.

These abilities are needed to out-think and out-imagine some of the most testing adversaries and problems imaginable. If you want to work with other smart, skilled people, consider ASD.

You will receive training in our specialised systems and enjoy working in multidisciplinary teams. You may have opportunities to travel domestically and internationally. You will be encouraged and supported to continually develop your skills to keep pace with evolving priorities and technologies. We are committed to the growth of our most important resource – our staff.

Diversity powers ASD’s mission. Our work is challenging, and experience shows that the best teams contain clever people with different life experiences.

All civilian roles in ASD are flexible and accommodate part-time or full-time working arrangements.

We are looking for graduates from almost every discipline to work in analyst or corporate roles.

As an analyst, you can undertake a diverse range of complex tasks – from foreign language analysis to data analysis. Your role will vary, depending on your skills and the role of your team in supporting either ASD's foreign intelligence, cyber security or offensive cyber operations mission.

Working in corporate roles, you will have the opportunity to develop and shape ASD’s future. We have roles in business management, communications, governance, finance, people management, policy, security and recruitment just to name a few.

You will have the opportunity to rotate through different roles to find the best fit for you. You can find out more at the ASD Website.

Find out more about working in Cyber and Information Security by visiting the ASD website, then come back here to apply.

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Understanding what happens where and when, underpins all strategic and operational decisions. At the Australian Geospatial-Intelligence Organisation (AGO), you will inform decision making at the highest levels of government and contribute towards the protection of Australia’s national security. You will provide unique insights into international developments and critical support to ADF operations and activities.

AGO provides Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) in support of Australia’s Defence Force, broader Australian Government and National Intelligence Community priorities. GEOINT is derived from the exploitation and analysis of imagery and geospatial data that informs our understanding of features and events, with reference to space and time.

AGO Graduate Program:

We are looking for highly skilled and motivated graduates from a diverse range of degrees and backgrounds to deliver GEOINT to key customers and position our organisation for the future.

Working at AGO will put you at the forefront of the National Intelligence Community where you will work with a country, regional or thematic focus and contribute towards cutting edge projects, such as the development of Australia’s sovereign satellite capability. You will receive specialised and unique GEOINT training, gain exposure to the broader Australian Government and have the opportunity to participate in international and domestic travel.

Analyst Careers

AGO is seeking graduates to undertake detailed and sophisticated analytical intelligence work.  We require our graduates to have excellent analytical, problem solving, research and communication skills.  Our graduates will research, analyse and report on a country or region or a specific thematic international issue to meet the requirements of customers ranging from Australian Government seniors to tactical users.

To fill these important roles, we require graduates with the following disciplines:

  • Spatial Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Arts
  • Information Technology
  • Social Sciences
  • Data Science
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

Skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), coding and scripting, remote sensing, including radar, spectral and infrared are highly desirable but not mandatory as AGO can offer you a range of interesting training opportunities.

Technical Careers

AGO is undertaking large scale cutting-edge Defence projects, including planning for the Australian Government’s first sovereign satellite capability and delivering cutting edge IT systems. We are seeking graduates with specialised skills to assist us with this work.

Graduates will play a critical role in developing and being part of these cutting edge projects.  To fill these important roles, we require graduates with the following disciplines:

  • Space, Software and Systems Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Systems
  • Mathematics
  • Data Science
  • Physics

Corporate Careers

AGO is seeking graduates to undertake a broad range of work in our corporate and capability areas in support of AGO’s mission.

Graduates will play a critical role in supporting AGO’s leading future capability projects.  You will have the opportunity to deliver strategic and operational support across the organisation.  To fill these important roles, we require graduates with the following disciplines:

  • Commerce, economics, financial management and accounting
  • Arts
  • Legal
  • Communication
  • Project and Risk Management

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As a Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) analyst, you will provide strategic intelligence analysis to the Defence Minister, senior Defence staff, other Government agencies and policymakers. Your assessments and advice will help the Australian Government and the Australian Defence Force understand international developments and how they affect Australia’s security. Your work as an analyst will include supporting Australian civilian and military Defence personnel deployed on operations around the world, by identifying vulnerabilities and potential countermeasures to mitigate this risk.

Intelligence Analyst Roles

An Intelligence Analyst within DIO conducts all-source analysis focusing on support to military operations; terrorism; regional security; foreign military capabilities; cyber threats; Defence-related technologies; political; economic; geographic and thematic issues.

Scientific Analyst Roles

A Scientific Analyst within DIO conducts unique specialist all-source analysis focusing on specific areas of military interest, including nuclear, chemical and biological proliferation; strategic health issues; emerging technologies; and WMD-related weapons systems. This analysis informs whole-of-government consideration of major development projects and policy objectives regarding WMD and strategic health issues.

Technical Analyst Roles

A Technical Analyst within DIO conducts all-source analysis of threat weapons systems and platforms, including future threat. They may also look at emerging and disruptive technologies with military applications and may also conduct complex modelling and simulation activities and work on signatures predictions. This analysis informs government consideration of major acquisition projects worth billions of dollars, such as the future submarines, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Air Warfare Destroyer.

Throughout your career as a DIO analyst, you will be encouraged to develop novel analytic approaches and test conventional thinking. You will personally brief senior Defence officials, and build highly effective and collaborative professional relationships with intelligence customers and collectors. You will work in a supportive, collaborative and encouraging environment that will challenge, extend and reward you.

In all of DIO’s analytic roles, you will be given the opportunity to advance your subject matter expertise and to develop your intelligence tradecraft skills through an extensive training program and attendance at a wide variety of domestic and international forums.

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The Defence Policy Stream seeks applicants from all academic backgrounds who have demonstrated critical thinking, communication, resilience and interpersonal skills to work at the heart of Defence’s strategic center within Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group. Policy Officer’s within Defence directly contribute to protecting Australia’s national security and furthering our national interests.

As a Policy Graduate you will be provided formal and informal training, mentoring and networking opportunities that will provide you with a solid foundation to pursue a policy career within Defence and the wider Australian Public Service.

Policy Graduates are recruited to a ‘Home Division’ within Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group where they will commence the program and return at the end of the development year. You will undertake three four-month rotations that will give you exposure to the long-term career opportunities within SP&I and the broader Department.

Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group is a fully integrated civilian-military workforce and draw on high-quality and motivated people from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines.

Working within Strategic Policy and Intelligence Group is more than just a job, it offers opportunities over the course of a career to work across diverse policy and intelligence issues. We strongly encourage mobility across the three policy divisions (Defence Industry Policy, Strategic Policy and International Policy) and our two intelligence agencies (Australian Geospatial Intelligence Organisation and Defence Intelligence Organisation.

Your ability to think critically, together with your inquisitive nature, will enhance the formal training provided to you. If you are looking for meaningful and challenging work while contributing to the defence of Australia’s interests both here and overseas – we encourage you to apply.

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