Defence accounting and finance roles are critical to ensuring Australia’s defence investment is well managed. As Defence pivots towards a new operating environment, driven by the Defence Strategic Review, the Commonwealth and the Australian public trust Defence to spend its budget appropriately.

Over 600 Defence finance specialist advisors ensure that:

  • Defence meets its budget and financial management goals, through policies, processes, services, systems, and advice.
  • Defence manages its financial reporting to Government and maintains the financial frameworks that provide robust financial controls and assurance.

Joining Defence as a finance specialist means contributing to the core of Defence operations. Employee skills are pivotal as Defence embarks on a transformation journey to modernise financial systems and enhance client support.

Defence is seeking individuals who embody trust, innovation, and collaboration, as they are the driving force behind excellent service delivery, making them the heart of the organisation.

Explore detailed descriptions of roles, behaviours, skills, and responsibilities of finance specialists opportunities in Defence Finance Group.

Acquisition Finance Persona (PDF, 267.42 KB)

Cost Analyst persona (PDF, 265.18 KB)

Cost Assurer persona (PDF, 254.82 KB)

Cost Estimator persona (PDF, 264.22 KB)

Finance Business Partner persona (PDF, 335.16 KB)

Sustainment Finance Persona (PDF, 319.36 KB)