Probation is the initial period of employment during which an employee's supervisor has an opportunity assess performance and conduct in the workplace.

During the probation period close supervision, monitoring of performance and behaviour and regular feedback is provided to support employees in achieving the required performance and conduct standards, including:

In Defence, ongoing or non-ongoing employment for longer than 6 months is conditional on the employee satisfactorily completing a probation period.

The probation period is generally 6 months, unless otherwise advised. The probably period is confirmed in each applicant's letter of offer.

New Starters Program

The New Starters Program is a corporate induction program applicable to all new Defence APS employees. The program has been developed to accelerate the integration of new starters into Defence and assist them to become productive in the shortest possible time.

The New Starters Program focuses on the APS talent management approach by equipping new starters with relevant information, resources and training.