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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

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Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative

The Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI) is an opportunity for Australia to build Defence capability and enhance its bilateral relationship with Singapore, while providing enduring economic benefits to Central and North Queensland.

Up to 14,000 Singapore Armed Forces will train in QLD when the Initiative reaches maturity. Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland is being expanded and a new training area is being established near Greenvale in North Queensland.

Under the ASMTI, Singapore will invest in Australia’s development and enhancement of training areas to meet the future needs of the Australian Defence Force and facilitate an increased presence of Singapore Armed Forces personnel training in Australia.

The existing Shoalwater Bay Training Area in Central Queensland is being expanded and a new training area is being established near Greenvale in North Queensland. These training areas will be owned and managed by the Australian Government.

When the ASMTI reaches maturity, up to 14,000 Singapore Armed Forces personnel will conduct training in Queensland for up to a total of 18 weeks split into two nine week periods each year

PurposeSoldiers of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, move into position for the final Battlegroup Samichon assault at the Shoalwater Bay Training Area during Exercise Talisman Saber on 20 July.

The ASMTI will deliver advanced military training areas that benefit the Australian Defence Force, provide significant local economic opportunities and strengthen Australia’s Defence relationship with Singapore.

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Map of Queensland highlighting Townsville, Rockhampton and the Greenvale and Shoalwater Bay Training Areas

Training areas

Training areas in Central and North Queensland are being developed and enhanced under the ASMTI, allowing personnel to train with the equipment, platforms and systems that will be introduced over the coming decades.

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Get involvedAustralian Army soldiers, Sergeant Bryan Griff and Corporal Steven Morganite, view building plans

Defence is committed to maximising opportunities for local industry participation across the life of the ASMTI. Businesses in Central and North Queensland can be involved in work across a range of activities, including construction and technical support. Watch the online tutorial series, Getting Defence Ready, to learn more about how to put your best foot forward in tendering for subcontract opportunities under the ASMTI.

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Community engagement

Defence maintains a comprehensive program of community and industry engagement in Central and North Queensland as planning and implementation of the ASMTI progresses.

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Defence has established a dedicated local presence to support community consultation and maintain close contact with landholders, industry and the broader community.

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