Greenvale Training Area is being established under the Australia-Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI).

Defence is committed to maximising economic benefits for communities and opportunities for local industry in North Queensland across the life of the ASMTI.

Defence’s Managing Contractor, CPB Contractors are on track to complete the design of the Greenvale Training Area in quarter 2 2024.

As part of the land development process for new Defence estate, Defence is required to undertake comprehensive environmental and heritage studies to manage the impact that development and subsequent training, will have in these areas.

Defence has completed detailed environmental studies and has referred the development and future use of the Greenvale Training Area to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water for consideration under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

The Minister for the Environment and Water has approved an initial referral for off-site works to support the training area, and is currently assessing a second referral for the development and future use of the training area. Defence will continue to provide updates and closely engage with stakeholders and community members.

Following the pre-requisite environmental approvals for the development and future use of the whole training area, works will commence on delivery of the facilities and infrastructure.

Local businesses will have opportunities to seek work across a range of areas, including construction, logistics and technical support through a competitive tender process.

Opportunities during establishment of the training area includes training area design and construction of infrastructure and facilities.

Once the training areas are operational, Defence anticipates there will be additional opportunities for local businesses in logistics, maintenance, administrative and transportation support.



Greenvale training area map (PDF, 471.41 KB)