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Australia will assume the leadership of Combined Team – Uruzgan (CT-U) in Afghanistan in late 2012, taking over from the United States.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith and the Chief of the Defence Force, General David Hurley, say the change was part of the transition process to transfer security responsibilities from the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) to the Afghan National Security Forces.

Uruzgan province is due to commence the transition to Afghan-led security responsibility in the middle of this year.

CT-U was established in August 2010 with the role of commanding ISAF operations in Uruzgan province.

The US has led CT-U since it was established and will continue to provide enabling support in the province.

There will not be an increase in the overall average size of Australia’s presence in Uruzgan.

The Defence People Group was launched on May 30 and replaces the People Strategies and Policy Group.

The new Group brings together people elements from across Defence to form a cohesive organisation that delivers high quality human resource outcomes.

The Defence People Group was formed in response to the standing up of the Chief Operating Officer Organisation and ongoing Defence reform. The change delivers on strategic reform, shared services and the Black Review by:

applying a shared service ethos through the removal of ‘shadow’ organisations

focusing on delivering results through a common standardised approach within the parameters of clear lines of accountability and responsibility.

The Defence People Group has four divisions.

People Capability Division plans and designs the Defence workforce structure and then recruits to the ADF. It also takes care of ADF families and the ADF community through the Defence Community Organisation.

People Policy and Culture Division develops and maintains a safe Defence working environment drawing on effective people management and a competitive employment package. This division focuses on diversity and inclusion strategies, APS career management, and evolving Defence culture.

People Solutions Division recruits the Defence APS workforce, manages the pay and benefits for Defence people, recognises and rewards commitment, high performance and potential, and supports a fair and respectful workforce by reinforcing Defence values. The division also manages complaints and complex case resolution.

People Systems Division plays a key role in agile, effective and efficient people systems. This division is responsible for the management of HR shared services.

For further information, including access to the Defence People Group Charter and operating model, visit the group’s website on the DRN.