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By Hannah Noller

Chief Information Officer and Defence ICT Job Family Sponsor, Greg Farr, recently introduced the newest resource supporting Defence ICT professionalisation – the Defence ICT Job Family Training Continuum.

The Defence ICT Job Family Training Continuum is a compilation of individual training continuums that outline technical learning pathways to develop specific skills for each of the individual Defence public service ICT occupations.

Considerable work has been undertaken to define the technical learning pathways and some are unique to individual occupations, while others are transferable or shared.

The Chief Information Officer, Greg Farr, recognises that the technical learning pathways were developed through consultation.

“Successful development of the Defence ICT Job Family Training Continuum was reliant on the enthusiastic contribution across the Defence portfolio from ICT employees,” Greg says.

“As outlined in the Defence ICT Strategy, and within the Secretary of Defence’s priorities, Defence is committed to strengthening ICT capability and professionalising the workforce.”

The Defence ICT Job Family Training Continuum is embedded within the Defence APS ICT Capability Framework. The framework outlines each of the official APS ICT occupations, work levels and functions, and has been mapped to the whole of government APS ICT Capability Framework using both Defence Australian Public Service Standard Classification of Occupations and the Skills Framework for the Information Age.

The Defence APS ICT Capability Framework also houses Defence APS ICT occupation profiles, an additional existing resource which define the ICT capabilities, underpinning skills and knowledge required for each APS ICT occupation at each work level.

APS ICT capability comparison and self assessment tools have been designed to assist staff in assessing their required capabilities, and their performance against each capability to identify development and training opportunities.

Greg says scenarios have been created to help illustrate various uses for the Defence APS ICT Capability Framework and its embedded resources.

“These ICT professionalisation resources have been designed to improve consistency in people management practices across the Defence ICT workforce,” he says.

They provide a common framework that:

acts as a guide to individual development during performance discussions

assists employees with career planning

helps managers in providing advice to staff on career progression and development

assists in identifying capability requirements and gaps across the ICT workforce

informs the development of training and strategic HR initiatives.

Greg encourages all Defence ICT Job Family employees to use the training continuum when considering their career development and direction.

More information can be found on the Professionalising ICT web portal on the Defence Restricted Network.