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The Chief Information Officer Group is at the forefront of Defence’s ICT reform initiatives and working hard to improve and sustain the organisation’s ICT capability. The Data Centre Migration Project, in particular, is achieving considerable success after recently migrating the ADF Pay application to the new data centre in Sydney.

DURING 2010, with increasing demands for data centre space and increasing risks with Defence’s ageing primary data centre, the need for a new data centre was identified. The outcome was the commissioning of a new Primary Data Centre in Sydney (PDC-Sydney), designed to meet current requirements while enabling enhanced ICT capabilities, supporting the reform of key Defence systems and initiatives into the future.

The next stage was the establishment of the Data Centre Migration Project in 2011. Its purpose was to migrate all Canberra-based business applications to the new facility in Sydney, including key applications for personnel systems, financial management and logistics applications.

In April this year, the Data Centre Migration Project successfully migrated the critical ADF Pay (ADFPAY) application. This was significant, not only due to the high profile of the application across Defence, but also because ADFPAY is the first application to be migrated to the new data centre in Sydney.

The migration was successfully achieved as a result of detailed planning and coordination of activities between the Data Centre Migration project team and Defence stakeholders. With ADFPAY now operating from PDC-Sydney, significant improvements have been noted in the performance of the application.

Application Support Manager James McKenzie says in the ADFPAY migration, the months of close consultation and careful planning became evident during the smooth migration.

“Any hiccups were quickly and efficiently resolved,” James says. “Since the move to the Sydney PDC, our batch processing suites are completing in roughly 70 per cent of the time they took prior to the move.”

By early 2013, PDC-Sydney will host more than 120 Defence applications and supporting infrastructure. In addition to this, the Sydney facility will have a higher resilience rating than the current data centre in Canberra, which will reduce the likelihood, frequency and duration of any future ICT service outages. This will ultimately improve ICT service delivery across all areas of Defence.

PDC-Sydney will also enable the accommodation of vital Defence ICT Reform initiatives such as the Next Generation Desktop, Centralised Processing, Terrestrial Communications and other key projects.

The ICT reform initiatives within Defence will deliver improved technological enhancements and practices across the organisation and support scaleable ICT growth.

Active participation from stakeholders across Defence is encouraged by the Data Centre Migration project team. To obtain the latest news and updates on project activities and view up-to-date schedules, visit the Data Centre Migration stakeholder portal on the Chief Information Officer Group website.