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By Corporal Nick Wiseman

After more than five years as the top public servant within Army, responsible for the Army budget, financial governance and the magagement of all Army APS people, Director General Resource Management Adam Culley is moving on.

Starting with Defence in 1988, Adam Culley has enjoyed many diverse jobs, including a posting to Washington where he worked with the acquisition of the M1 Abrahams before finding himself in the resource management position in Army since September 2006.

Adam says being the most senior public servant in a service group was a great journey and a lot of fun.

“I’ve met some great characters during my time within Army,” Adam says.

“Although I’m remaining in Defence, I will miss the group.”

Adam found himself working in Army after a phone call from a supervisor asking him to come and talk about his career.

He was informed that the Director General Resource Management was retiring and he could expect to be in the position himself within two months.

“The meeting finished quickly and I was advised the Chief of Army – Lieutenant General Peter Leahy at the time – wanted to see me for a chat in 20 minutes,” Adam reflects.

“It could be seen as a little different compared to a military posting – and not all jobs work like that – but that’s how I came into this one.”

Adam says the five-and-three-quarter years was a fantastic experience.

“As APS people we need to remember why we’re here, but you don’t lose sight of the fact that you’re part of a great institution – the Australian Army,” he says.

“One thing I have found in this job is the appreciation of the great people in the organisation at all levels.”

To celebrate his time in Army, Adam’s colleagues organised a tour of the WTSS system, which culminated in him taking part in a shoot being coached by members of the Army Financial Services Unit.

While Adam is leaving Army, he will stay in Defence, moving on temporary promotion to the Chief Finance Officer Group.