Wide Area and Space Surveillance

The Wide Area and Space Surveillance capability comprises two elements - Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), and Space Surveillance Systems which are managed by the Wide Area and Space Surveillance Systems Program Office (WASSSPO).

JORN consists of three Over-The-Horizon Radars based in Longreach (Queensland), Laverton (Western Australia), and Alice Springs (Northern Territory). These sites are currently maintained by BAE Systems and are remotely controlled by Air Force No 1 Remote Sensor Unit (1RSU), based out of RAAF Base Edinburgh, SA.

AIR2025 Phase 6 will implement a JORN System sustainment reform program and provide a system midlife upgrade designed to extend the life of the capability out to 2042.

The Space Surveillance System includes a Radar Sensor based near the Harold. E. Holt Naval Communication Site in Western Australia and the future installation of a Space Surveillance Telescope at the same site - intended to increase Air Forces ability to monitor near-earth space debris and orbiting satellites.

Content is current as at December 2020.