Uncrewed Aerial Systems

CA49 encompasses 5 Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UASs) platform types designed to enhance the Australian Defence Force’s Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities. CA49 is expected to grow to approximately 10 platform types by 2025 based on current acquisition program goals.

The Shadow Tactical UAS is a large UAS operated by 20 Regiment Royal Australian Artillery. The Shadow is capable of long-endurance flights and carries advanced sensors for ISR and target acquisition missions.

The Wasp All Environment (AE) and Puma AE are fixed-wing UAS designed to conduct ISR missions in support of combat teams and battle groups respectively. They can be hand-launched and operated by a small number of soldiers, providing portability and adaptability.

The R70 Sky ranger quadcopter combines extended flight endurance through a tether system with high-quality imagery and video capabilities. The Sky ranger supports the RAAF Combat Support Group for airfield defence.

The Black Hornet is a small, lightweight UAS that is launched from a soldier's hand. The Black Hornet is equipped with cameras and thermal imaging capabilities, allowing soldiers to conduct ISR missions in confined spaces.

CA49 manages over 700 air vehicles through a variety of support arrangements, including via a United States foreign military sales sustainment case and partnerships with Australian industry.

Content is current at February 2024.