Short Range Ground Based Air Defence

LAND 19 Phase 7B will deliver Army’s new Short Range Ground Based Air Defence system, which will form a component of the Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defence (JIAMD) capability.

This project will replace the current Short Range Air Defence (SHORAD) capability, including the RBS-70, as the Army's principal air defence weapon. While the new capability  will be able to operate independently, it will be designed to operate as the inner layer of the broader JIAMD capability.

The project scope includes acquisition of new capability elements including radars, missile launchers and command & control systems, as well as integration with existing Army vehicles and radios.

LAND 19 Phase 7B achieved first pass government approval in February 2017. Raytheon Australia was appointed through a Limited Tender Single Supplier as Prime Systems Integrator for the capability, for provision of the Raytheon-Kongsberg developed National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAMS). Government also directed that the project investigates the suitability of incorporating Canberra-based CEA Technologies' Active Scanning Electronic Array (AESA) radars into NASAMS to enhance the sensor component.

The Project achieved second pass government approval in February 2019, for the enhanced version of NASAMS. This includes acquisition and integration of CEA Technologies' radars. Raytheon Australia will also be making a significant contribution to Australian industry, following the establishment of their Centre for Joint Integration in Adelaide in 2021, which is being used for integration, assembly and through-life support of major systems.

The capability will be sustained primarily through Australian-based support arrangements, with support contracts now in place with CEA Technologies and Raytheon Australia. 

Content is current as at June 2023.