Replacement Aviation Refuelling Vehicles

JNT157PH1 was established to replace the aged ADF Aviation Refuelling Vehicles (ARV) and the replacement fleet will consist of:

  • 47 High Capacity Tankers (HCT);
  • 43 Medium Capacity Tankers (MCT); and
  • 10 Hydrant Dispensing Elevating Platform Vehicles (HDEP).

These vehicles will be distributed across RAAF and Australian Army aviation corps (AAvn) National Support Bases (NSB) across Australia and at the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Butterworth Base. The project acquisition budget is $67.095m with a completion date of Jul 19.

The Whole of Australian Government (WoAG), Fleet Services Contract has been utilised to deliver a Government Owned, Government Operated capability. The Fleet Services Contractor, SG Fleet (sgfleet), is the project's industry partner.

Vehicle Manufacturer is Refuel International and in service support is provided by RGM Maintenance.

The project achieved Final Materiel Release on 30 June 2019 with Final Operating Capability scheduled for 30 December 2019..

Content is current as at July 2019.