Joint Air Battle Management System

The Defence Strategic Review describes an enhanced, all-domain Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability as critical to the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

A foundational element of Defence’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability is the Joint Air Battle Management System being delivered under project AIR6500 Phase 1.

The project will provide the architecture at the core of the Australian Defence Force’s future Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability through the delivery of a command and control system enabling Defence to coordinate and synchronise air and missile defence capabilities. The capability represents a significant enhancement beyond Air Force’s in-service Air Defence System and will be delivered in 2 tranches.

Tranche 1 is acquiring 4 Active Electronically Scanned Array radars to replace the in-service Tactical Air Defence Radar System. The new radars are being procured from Canberra-based company CEA Technologies. The new radars will be able to detect aircraft and missile threats at greater ranges and with increased accuracy, allowing for greater warning, decision and response time. The first radar is scheduled to be delivered in 2024.

Tranche 2 will deliver the remaining scope of the Joint Air and Battle Management System. It will provide greater situational awareness to, and protection of, Australian Defence Force capabilities from increasingly advanced air and missile threats, along with increased levels of interoperability with Australia’s Coalition partners. In August 2023, Government announced Lockheed Martin Australia as the strategic partner to deliver the Joint Air Battle Management System for the Australian Defence Force.

Content is current as at February 2024.