General Service B Vehicle Fleet

The General Service B-vehicle fleet comprises a broad range of light and medium/heavy wheeled vehicles used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF), consisting of approximately 2,900 assets. Most vehicles in the B-vehicle fleet are being progressively replaced under LAND 121 and JNT 2097. Land Rover variants have been progressively phased out as the G-Wagon variants have been introduced into service. The transition of the medium/heavy fleet began in February 2017 with the first deliveries of the new Rheinmetall MAN medium and heavy trucks under LAND 121 Phase 3B.

During 2019-20, the focus will be on continuing the transition out of service and disposal of remaining vehicles within the Land Rover, Mack and Unimog fleets, as the new medium and heavy trucks are delivered to ADF units. Fleet rationalisation, and other means of driving down maintenance costs (e.g. extended service intervals, reclamation of parts) will continue to be implemented across the fleets.

Content is current as at July 2019.